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  Know Victory, Know Risk
No Risk, No Victory

Create the Character YOU want to play

Fight the way YOU want to fight

No Risk, No Victory!
What story do you want to tell?  A thrilling tale of knights of old?  A grim and gritty tale of street-level action and dirty dealing?  A star-spanning space opera?  Perhaps something that no one has ever seen before, spun entirely out of the whole cloth of your imagination?

The tools for telling all of these stories as an interactive activity are here in this book.

The Victory System® is a multi-genre Role Playing Game that gives you what you need to tell the stories that you want to tell.  Set your game in the Fantasy Era, the Near-Modern Era, the Space Era, or a Custom Era enitrely of your own design.

Players can build Characters to suit the GM's campaign and their own concepts, from "talented amateurs" to skilled professionals.  Included are fully-integrated rules for Martial Arts, Magic, Artificial Enhancements (Mechanica), Powers, and Psionics, as well as all the weapons, armor, and miscellaneous equipment that makes adventuring possible.

Victory is by no means assured, however.  Danger lurks in every Era, and it's going to take a lot of Risk to see adventures through to the end.  No Risk, No Victory.

The Victory System® Features
    Fast-paced, action-oriented game play
    A unified mechanic for task and combat resolution using a single twenty-sided die (1d20)
    Three defined Eras of game play (Fantasy, Near-Modern, and Space)
    Rules for creating your own unique Eras
    Character generation rules that allow you to build the character you want to play
    Weapons, shields, armor, and plenty of miscellaneous equipment for all Eras of play
    Special Abilities such as Martial Arts, Magic, Mechanica (Artificial Enhancements), Powers, and Psionics
    Sample adventures for each Era to get you right into the action, and the option to turn the sample adventures into a dimension-hopping “mini campaign”
Core Rulebook

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288 Pages, black and white with full-color cover, available in Hardcover Print-On-Demand, Softcover Print-On-Demand, and Electronic format  
Victory Basics

Quick-play guide; single-sheet PDF file
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